Some people see a world that is
Divided right in two—
A dualistic chaos that
Controls just what they do.

To see things all as good or bad
Limits just what they see.
Only the half that is exposed
Is what they think would be.

If they would try to see the side
That’s blinded to their eyes,
They’d twice the knowledge of that thing
And see the sees of wise.

Total understanding comes
Not with a bias of
The information of the whole—
The unconditioned love,

For all the different viewing points
Are valid and are true.
Together one may see the whole.
Apart narrows the view.

It also narrows consciousness
And limits how to be,
Destroys free-thinking choices,
Destroys morality.

An open mind provides the space
For truth to shine right through
Allowing those to perceive all
And know just what to do

The truth is knowledge of the all
And it is there to find.
The only thing one has to do
Is open up one’s mind.