Through time there had been those who knew
The reason for us all
To be right here on planet Earth
For they had heard the call

From far beyond infinity
Though near as near can be
They heard the sounds that can’t be heard—
They saw what eyes can’t see.

Their unifying knowledge was
What words cannot convey,
They spoke of immortality.
The truthful words they’d say

Were ones describing the true path—
The one upon they walked—
That led them to Eternity
And that is why they talked.

With words they tried to convey that
Each one of us may find
The Truth revealed within us all
If we are pure of mind.

Though words were used, the meaning lies
Beneath the surface of
The shallowness of language, and
Into the depths of love.

So when you hear just what they said
To hear the Truth they’d tell
Don’t listen only with your ears
But with your heart as well.