Don’t tell me how to live my life the way you think I should
Or try to change the way I think—as if you ever could.
You say that you are walking on a path that leads you to
A life filled with enjoyment and with other things for you.

I’m very pleased with where I am. I’m pleased with what I’ve got.
I’m satisfied if I go where what I have, I’ll have not.
If you traverse the path you’re on and reach the very end—
The placeless place where oneness dwells and all your thoughts transcend—

You’ll see that you should not convince others to follow you.
You’ll know that they must choose their path for only that will do.
A path chosen by others may not lead them to where they
Must go to find what they will need to reach their fruitful day.

So anyone who’s walking on the path is searching for
Something that they know little of and know they could know more.
So why do they insist that they are going the right way?
And why are just opinions found in everything they say?

The Truth when found no longer is something that you believe.
It’s something that you really know—something that you conceive
Without a doubt. From that time on, what was life’s mystery
No longer is and you will know what’s truly to be free.