Gravity, oh gravity
Your mystery persists
In spite of all the scrutiny
Of many scientists

To find out what you’re made of—
If anything at all—
That makes the planets orbit and
Causes objects to fall.

Is it because of warping
In the fabric of space?
Do superstrings contribute too
While vibrating in place?

Do gravitons really exist
Or were they just created
In an attempt to explain what
Other proofs have evaded?

Will other theories come about
As those who’ve come so far?
Will they explain without a doubt—
Reveal just what you are?

Experiments show physicists
Acceleration and
Gravity appear to be the same—
They both go hand in hand

Could it be that since time began—
Moments before big bang—
The truth had been hidden within
The song vibrations sang?

Could everything that came to be
From that time until now
Still be accelerating and
Would that explain just how

Effects of gravity prevail
Around us everywhere
Displaying the attraction that
All matter seems to share?

Could each and every thing that is
Accelerate each day
From each and every other thing
In each and every way?

Could mass-energy be combined
With space-time and display
Illusions that appear to us
To be fixed every way?

Is distance as we measure it
Continuing to grow
With rate consistency that is
Most difficult to know?

And if the size of everything
Relatively expands,
Detection within the frame of
Reference by the hands

That they themselves expand in tune
With every other thing
Would seem to be impossible
To use verifying.

So gravity, is it that you
Exist only in name
To give a designation for
A thing that is the same?

Is the acceleration of
All known mass-energy
Choreographed and aligned within
Space-time in synergy

To cause the effect that we know
That is called gravity
As we expand with everything
Though not perceptively?

Is what lies behind event
Horizons deflating?
Or is it just in a state
Of slow accelerating?

How can anyone depict
With certainty to know
If even points of reference
Continue all to grow?