When we meet, who is it that you
Think you are talking to?
Do you address the me inside?
Is that just what you do?

Or do you think that the human
Creature in front of you
Is all that you can see of me—
Just what is in your view.

Do you find reasons to dislike
Anything that you see—
When something may not be the same
As you’d want it to be?

If so then you don’t truly see
Just what I say or do,
For I am also to be known
Deep down inside of you.

That one within you does not try
To find what’s wrong with me
For though you think we’re different,
We’re both the same, you see.

The creature whom through which I speak
Is known to you by name.
You only see our differences,
You don’t see what’s the same.

I see you as you should be seen
As mind, body, and soul,
The Unity we all possess—
The you, completely whole.