A silent sound caressed my ear
A sound that no one else could hear
That told of love beyond the scope
Of love for which we only hope.

Although the sound rang loud and clear—
More than a stadium crowd’s cheer—
The sound cannot be learned or taught
But only heard with empty thought.

It is a myriad of din
That only can be heard within
When thoughts are emptied from our minds—
The thoughts that to our freedom binds.

So if you want to hear the sound
Of silence, clear the thoughts you found
Swirling about inside your mind
And live a life both pure and kind.

See each and every person who
You meet as though they’re part of you.
And take the time each day to be
In silence, then you’ll start to see

The sights that can’t be seen by those
With unkind hearts—with minds that close—
And those who cannot feel the tears
Of others ‘cause of their own fears.

For all it takes to hear and see
The sights and sounds that set you free
Is to have love be who you are.
Love those who are both near and far.

And when you take the time to sit
In silence and your will is fit,
Sit still as you begin to find
Just what is meant by “Peace of mind.”