I am your inner self. I am
The inner voice you hear
That offers guidance in your life
Which makes attempts to steer

You on a path of consciousness
To help you avoid strife
And help you to see meaning of
What you know as your life.

I’ve given you the choice to heed
What I say or ignore
My guidance as you go about
Your life just as if you’re

Apart from everything that is—
A separate entity.
But I know that we two are one
With all the things that be.

It’s just illusion that you are
Apart from everything
But without feeling separate
You could not hear birds sing.

Or could you know the happiness
Of feeling when you touch
Or know the beauty that surrounds
When your eyes see so much.

I am but one though I exist
As everything that is.
And I feel through all senses that
Are hers and its and his.

I’m everywhere in everything
That was and is to be,
In thoughts and dreams and visions and
I’m what you hear and see.

I could not be more close to you,
Nor could I farther be,
I’m everything you hear of feel
Or taste or smell or see.

I’m patiently waiting within
For the time to reveal
To you the Truth of everything—
Of what I know and feel.

When you are ready I’ll be here
To open up to you
The knowledge of the Universe
And you’ll know what is true

About the purpose of your life
And what it’s meant to be,
And you will know just what it is
To live your life as me.

To do that you must fill your life
With honesty and love.
Seek not what others can give you,
But what you can give of

Yourself to others so that you
May purify your heart.
Reject all thoughts of selfishness
That drive people apart.

Treat everyone with kindness and
Accept how they will be,
For selflessness is how you join
In Unity with me.