A Simplified Understanding of the Universe that
Presens New Paradigms for Space, Matter,
Time, Gravity, Light, and Consciousness.
What existed before the beginning of the universe? It may be said that nothing existed, but what is the definition of nothing? Perhaps we can say that nothing is: no physicality, no spatial dimensions, and no time. But the possibility that something could be manifested would exist, and the possibilities of the manifestation of time, spatial dimensions, and of physicality would also exist. Also, the possibility of manifesting the universe would exist. If it were not possible, the universe would never have happened. Since the universe does exist, there must have been a way for that possibility to have been manifested. This possibility would have had to contain primal information, the unconsciousness knowledge of everything that could ever be manifested in the universe, including the possibility of a conscious awareness of its existence and the steps in which that awareness could unfold. In other words, before the universe existed, the information about the universe and the steps to manifest that information existed.

We perceive the physical universe in three dimensions of space and one of time, together commonly called space-time. Before anything physical can be manifested, space-time must exist. There is a logical progression for the development of space-time. The first step would be to manifest something that can exist where space does not yet exist. A point occupies no space. It is a tool utilized to define a location in space. It may be used to locate a position in one, two, or three dimensions, but a point itself has no dimensions. The possibility of something existing with no dimensions would have been manifested as a point. Simultaneously with the manifestation of that primal point would have been the manifestation of the beginning of time. The history of time at that first moment: before point—point (point being the primal “now” moment). Every possibility that could happen would be contained in that point. All information, the primal knowledge of everything, of all possibilities, of consciousness, would be manifested as that point. For the purpose of this writing, the Possibilities Of Everything, and the Possibilities Of Everything, Manifested will be referred to as POE and POEM, respectively. As an acorn contains all the information required to grow an oak tree, the primal point contains all the information to manifest the universe.