A Simplified Understanding of the Universe that
Presens New Paradigms for Space, Matter,
Time, Gravity, Light, and Consciousness.
Before the primal moment, the possibility of consciousness existed. There was a possibility that a physical universe, containing conscious beings capable of becoming aware of their own existence, could be manifested. And through those beings the universe, being composed of POEM in totality and in each individualized space-block and string, could consciously be aware of itself. The steps in manifesting the physical universe were steps in the evolution of consciousness from the possibility of consciousness to the experience of cosmic consciousness.

When the primal point was manifested all possibilities were contained in that point. Consciousness would have been the awareness of being a point. With each progressive step came an expanded consciousness—the awareness of being space, time, matter, the universe, conscious beings and consciousness itself.

The basic building block of living organisms is complex. Each species, and subspecies, of plants and animals contains a wealth of information about the organism—more than it requires for its own existence. There are simple animals who have not evolved a sophisticated eye, yet their DNA contains information about a complex eye. The basic building block for everything is in every part of everything. In space-time POE might manifest a sequence of changes, one step at a time, in order to complete its purpose, the actualization of self-awareness and how it relates to physicality.

Predetermined changes, using the intervals between time-cells, may be used to reposition any concerned physicality. All times are experienced by or known by POEM. It remains the same. There is nothing to add or subtract. It is all knowledge of all things at all locations in space or time.

Among animals, few are believed to possess a sense of self. This is easily demonstrated by observing the behavior of an animal watching its reflection in a mirror for the first time. Most animals react as if the reflection is a separate entity. Humans, higher apes, and porpoises are among those intelligent creatures who recognize the reflection as an image of themselves.

POE always existed. It is the cause and the universe is the effect, yet each is the same. Humans are composed exclusively of POEM. Since we are POEM, we are very close to that which created us. In fact we are one and the same. The only separation is an illusion of individuality.

Each string, irrespective of its form, vibration, or function, is a separate entity only as a means in precipitating matter. The separateness is only in perception. POEM is space-time—all of it and every part of it. Each part (string) is also the whole.

Each of us is a systematic aggregate of strings assembled for the purpose of manifesting consciousness and self-awareness for POE. En route the fulfillment of POE’s purpose, we have evolved into conscious creatures with self-awareness. The irony is self-awareness requires a self and the concept of self requires the concept of not-self. A step to unity is the illusion of separateness.

We are composed of POEM. The knowledge of everything lies within everyone. When we get an idea, it is the manifestation of the consciousness of a possibility unfolding.

The “oneness” experienced by mystics may be explained as a mindfulness of POEM. The event may be an expression of how POEM attains consciousness and why POE manifested a physical universe—for self-awareness. Intelligent creatures may be the final step in a sequence of events leading to the manifestation of self-consciousness. That would be the ultimate effect of the ultimate cause.

Since everything is composed of POEM, even an inanimate object “knows” what it is and how to react to any action. Its “knowing” is without consciousness. It cannot make choices, but it does have innate knowledge of physical laws and follows them without exception.

When strings combine and evolve into an open-minded conscious being, information flows between POEM and its accomplice. Eventually, enough conscious energy flows to break the dams of ego-mindedness, inundating the initiate with splendor. That moment may be why POE manifested itself in a sequence of events from a dimensionless point to a fully-conscious physical entity capable of seeing itself as what it truly is—a blend of the creator and its creation. Each acknowledges the other. Each feels no separation from the other—there is no other, only unity. Conscious unity is realized at the moment of illumination of mystics.

Throughout history examples of mysticism have unfolded. Each mystic had attempted to convey the same message—oneness with all things. Their knowledge was not taught to them; it was innate. To them, their consciousness and their creator’s was one. They, at the instant of illumination, experienced the self-awareness of POEM. At that moment the mystic and POEM were fully conscious of each other and fully conscious that they were each other.

The moment of awakening changes the mystic forever. The remainder of the mystic’s life is spent without doubt. No one could convince a mystic that he or she was wrong and only an unenlightened person would argue the issue.

Mystics have expressed the same message—oneness with the universe—a blend of I, the person, and I, the All. Every mystic reiterates the connectedness of everyone and the concept of infinity within each person.

The possibilities of consciousness and self-awareness existed before the primal point was manifested. All that was necessary was enactment. Strings are the basic ingredient in a person’s body. POE, in its quest for self-awareness, manifested intelligent beings, step by step, in order to realize self-consciousness. Without the use of highly sophisticated technological tools, mystics have realized POE’s manifested consciousness. Technology is catching up but is limited to its conception of a physical world as defined at the prevailing moment. So far, modern science has not managed to invalidate the mystics’ revelations but only substantiate them.