A Simplified Understanding of the Universe that
Presens New Paradigms for Space, Matter,
Time, Gravity, Light, and Consciousness.

The primal physical particle could have initiated development simultaneously with the development of space, occupying the primal point and the primal line. While the space-line stretched to two, then three, dimensions, the particle-line would remain as a string. Simplicity promotes easy understanding. Einstein’s explanation of gravity resulting from the warping of space-time is often shown visually by the compaction of the three spatial dimensions into a plane, then showing that mass warps the plane to create gravity. The manifestation of additional strings may be more easily explained by using just one spatial dimension plus time. In Figure B and Graphs D, E, and F, the M-time designations are for sequential reference only and are not necessarily identical to those in Figure A, or Graphs A, B, or C. M-time 1 in Figure B may be at any M-time, even after M-time 100 in Graph B.

Figure B depicts a one-dimensional progression of the creation of strings. At M-time 1, the primal point is manifested. At M-time 2, the point is stretched into a string of M-length. M-time 3 shows the primal string doubling in length. Now, being twice the minimum length, it is possible for the string to manifest itself into two places, separated by an M-length of space, as shown at M-time 4. At M-time 5, both strings double in length, then each appears in two places at M-time 6. Although the string segments appear to be separate entities, they are the same entity, POEM, appearing in four places simultaneously, as well as also being the three space line segments between them.


Graph D

Graph E

Every two successive time cells allow for the universe to double the amount of strings it contains. By M-time 12, the primary string appears in thirty-two places. Graphs D, E, and F indicate the rapid growth of the quantity of strings, similar to the growth of the volume of space shown on Graphs A, B, and C. It would not take long for the quantity of strings to equal the amount of elementary particles that are believed to exist in the known universe. That might have been the moment of saturation and the precipitation of the event called Big Bang. Separateness is an illusion. POEM is whole and complete in each part and acts in concert manifesting possibilities as initiated by the primal zero-dimension point at the primal moment of time.

Graph F

When the amount of strings necessary to manifest all of the elementary particles in the known universe were created, the length of the strings and the volume of the space-blocks could continue to expand with each time cell. A Plank length of 10⁻³³ centimeters would still seem to be the same length as would any length as perceived by an observer who is expanding along with everything in his realm, his frame of reference. Just as an observer in a closed room moving at a constant velocity would have no perception of movement outside of the room, an observer in an expanding physicality would have no perception of expanding, since everything surrounding the observer would also be expanding. Everything would change dimensionally, but remain proportional, from one time cell to the next. This is analogous to a series of photographs made from the same negative, each photograph increasing in size. The objects in the photographs maintain the same relative position with respect to each other.

Thus we have the basis for a simple explanation of the creation of a four-dimensional space-time universe from the zero moment, through the often-called “fuzzy” area from the zero moment until the particle saturation moment (the Big Bang moment), and into the realm of the physical universe. We also have the basis for strings manifesting particle physicality in a four-dimensional space-time where the strings and space-time are manifested information. Since POEM is all of that, we also have the possibility of both local and non-local qualities in everything that is.