A Simplified Understanding of the Universe that
Presens New Paradigms for Space, Matter,
Time, Gravity, Light, and Consciousness.

Time is the continuum of M-time, or time cell, moments. Time is not blended moments. It jumps from one moment to the next. Each moment offers the opportunity for change from the previous moment. When a sequence of moments suggests movement, the probability of whatever is moving, a string for example, can be expressed, but although that string may have a high probability of being at a certain location, it may relocate to anywhere in the next moment. A string exists for the duration of each moment. Between each moment the possibility of the string exists, and the probability of where it will be during the next moment exists. An electron jump would occur between moments.


Physicality is absent during each individual time cell moment and between each moment just as each frame of a motion picture is a still picture image. The illusion of movement occurs only when a sequence of frames is displayed in rapid succession, too quickly to discern each individual frame. Just as an image changes position in each successive motion picture frame to provide for the illusion of movement, the position of strings change in each successive time-cell to provide for the illusion of physicality.